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Conversion Kit - ceramic coating near Gurugram

Keeping the Essence, Changing the TImes

ceramic coating near Gurugram

We believe in keeping the essence and feel of the car the same. Each vehicle carries a sentimental emotion and we do not want to destroy that for you. All we want to do is make things faster and more efficient for you. We offer Ceramic Coating near Gurugram you better torque without hampering the engine or the transmission, modernizing the parts of the body while preserving the original beauty.

When it comes to customizing your car and Ceramic Coating near Gurugram, we are very passionate about it. We want to create an experience for you, with simplicity, efficiency, less risk, uniqueness and of course, more speed. 

Every classic car can become a powerful, worry-free electric vehicle with House of Polish. Designed with flexibility and adaptability in mind, our systems allow us to adapt to Ceramic Coating near Gurugram any classic car architecture while maintaining a high level of reliability, maintainability, and upgradeability. This is what sets House of Polish apart and takes us one step higher for your Ceramic Coating near Gurugram service.

There are multiple conversion kits for us to offer. From entry-level kits to personalization kits and Ceramic Coating near Gurugram we have them all. We do not want to disappoint you by not giving you what you want. The entry-level kits will give you stock body feels but are cost-friendly and will still give you ample torque which will make it fun to drive. We have different permutations and combinations according to your requirement.


Different kit parts like AC motor, programmable controllers, aluminum controller, high voltage charger, motor control liquid plate cooling, and whatnot. We have got whatever you want ceramic coating near Gurugram. All it takes is one visit and we will help you out to pick what is best for your ‘baby’. Every classic has its own personality, and every driver has his or her own goals and requirements and ceramic car polish in Gurugram. 

By providing battery and power distribution techniques, we ensure that your vehicle will perform in the long run and meet the power and range needs of our customers. In addition to being easily adaptable, our methodologies work for all kinds of vehicles and best ceramic coating in Gurugram.

— The methodologies


Understanding the vehicle, what its attributions are, what kind of fuel range it has, how old it is, and what it can pull off. All such assessments of the vehicle help us understand what to offer you and what would be best for it.

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In the event that a full restoration is necessary, the vehicle is stripped of all parts and trim before the restoration process begins. After the assessment is over, we make any enhancements that were identified in the assessment process if the vehicle isn't being restored.

02 02


‘The new life installed in your old soul’. We begin to put all the new parts as chosen and customized by you.

03 03


Not only does our rigorous testing program ensure that everything works as planned, but also that the final result meets or exceeds your expectations. Our team makes necessary adjustments and modifications during this process.

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Body KIt

Everyone and everything needs a new face

We are your premium source of body kits and exterior modifications. Wanna save weight? Got into an accident? Wanna show off to your new girlfriend? Well, we are the solution to all your questions. Whether you have a hatchback or a sedan, whether it’s a city car or a sports car, we do not want to stereotype ourselves into one category. That’s why we are here to provide you with everything and anything for your car, no matter which one. 

We don’t want to just sell body kits – we want to educate our customers and provide an above-average, hassle-free, purchasing experience.

The House of Polish team comprises a team of car enthusiasts who hand-select each product, often testing them on our own vehicles before selling them. In order to empower our clients to make the best decisions for their vehicles, we work to ensure that we educate them and empower them.

With House of Polish, you’ll get the lowest prices on the highest quality import and domestic custom car parts on the market. There is a vast selection of auto body kits available online along with quality parts at value prices, whether you want a full body kit for your car, truck, or SUV, or individual exterior upgrades like ground effects, fiberglass fenders, carbon fiber hoods, and trunks. The results you get from our kits depend on what parts you equip.

As automotive enthusiasts, we strive to offer options to enhance their experience, so their machines can become a reflection of their personalities. As a brand, our aim is to be the go-to choice for people looking for the most from their machines. For us to bring out designs and products that meet global standards, we stay up-to-date with trends in global markets.

— The methodologies

Finding the perfect body kit for your machine

There are many options for the same vehicle in today’s market. But what goes best with your car, according to the specifications of your machine and how much it will withhold is very important. After that, we finalize and choose the perfect one.

01 01


Today's customers have an array of choices and styles of body kits, and each kit has its own quirks and problems. Addressing all these things and making sure it fits perfectly and blends perfectly with the vehicle is the ultimate goal.

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Testing all the final quirks so that it does not get damaged or look out of place. All the minute gaps and bends are taken care of before the machine is handed over to you. Believe us, it will look exactly like how you envisioned it!

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Keeping the Essence, Changing the TImes

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