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Car ppf in Gurugram
9h ceramic coating in Gurugram

9H Ceramic Coating

In today’s automotive world, the most important thing for your car has become maintenance, so we provide Car ppf in Gurugram. Not how fast it goes or how big the engine is, but how long can your car survive. Well, if you want your car to survive, you are going to have to take certain measures and that is where we come into the picture. 9H Ceramic Coating in Gurugram is the future and an undeniable element for your car.

Unlike conventional paint, 9H ceramic coating sticks to the surface of your vehicle and will not wash off or wear off over time.  The 9H ceramic coating is a highly durable, protective coating that is capable of protecting your vehicle's paint from dirt and contaminants.  The coating and Car ppf in Gurugram consists of multiple layers. In addition to thickening the coating, the scratch resistance can be enhanced by adding additional layers.

  • This ceramic coating protects your car from bird poop, scratches, UV rays & other natural factors which occur on a daily basis when you take your car outside.
  • It gives a glass-like shine, which turns all the eyes on your car.
  • Your frequency of car washes will reduce and the durability will also increase can an ordinary paint job for your car.


At House of Polish, perfection is everything. We believe that when you get your Car ppf in Gurugram, you should gasp and say ‘is that really my car?’. That is the work we deliver and want you to be a part of our HOP family. Not compromising on the quality, we just want you to drop off your car and let us do the rest of the work.

From ceramic coating in Gurugram, clarity coating, & sanitization to paint protection, car denting care & car wash. We take care of all the avenues with utmost care and each detailing service has a team of experienced experts to rebuild your car like a new one. 

Does every service in the detailing have to elaborate? Like sub-sections for ceramic coating, denting, etc.?

If yes, do provide the services of Car ppf in Gurugram they provide which come under detailing.

  • It extends the lifespan of your car. From interior to exterior, it is your duty to take care of the wear and tear of the car. Car ppf in Gurugram is nothing but going minutely in your car and taking care of the damages.
  • Who doesn’t want a good-looking car right? Gives it a shine, a matte, or ‘whatever you want’ look. Give something for your neighbors to look at!
  • Makes your engine run cool and gives a better lasting condition with constant dirt, stain, and rust removed from it.

Paint Protection Film

Every car lover has only one dream for his vehicle; that it looks new even after time goes by. Well, don’t worry we are here for the exact reason to make your car younger and dreams bigger. Without altering your car or making big changes, we make the Car ppf in Gurugram shine more than your eyes.

PPF provides complete protection against various scratches, dinges, bugs and drops, oil stains, and last but not least gives your car the look that you have been dying for so long. The damage which your car goes through every day, however, small gets healed with PPF, avoiding long due 

expenses for your car.

There are some intricate parts of our car that we miss out on that need to be taken care of.

  • Front Hood
  • Door Handle
  • Roof
  • Bumper


Peelable Wraps

Customization of cars is our favorite and finest work of all. For each customer a different design, a different outlook, and a swagger like no other. But with the rules and regulations, we do not want to put you in trouble, hence the peelable wraps. Remove it whenever, wherever, and don’t worry about the hassles with it!

It wrapping your car isn’t a very taboo or difficult thing today. You can have your own wrapped car like your see in the movies and that too, without the worries of it being permanent. Without making any altercations on your car, we will provide 360-degree spray-on wrapping, Sounds tempting, doesn’t it? Without taking much time, we quickly complete it, keeping your car squeaky clean and giving it protection from external factors.

  • It is easily removable and doesn’t need much work put into it.
  • Custom wraps just for you, with your inputs and designs suggested.
  • Not only does it give the car a good look, but also protects the car from dust, dirt, and oil.



Keeping the Essence, Changing the TImes

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